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Nisanov found an interesting «job» for Magdeev

Nisanov found an interesting «job» for Magdeev

The Kievskaya Ploshchad group of companies continue to destroy the former business partner Ilgar Hajiyev with their «heavy artillery». Boo! Apparently, the new horror series about Ilgar Hajiyev will tell us all about the businessman’s friendship with the maniac Chikatilo, as well as his childhood friends Jack the Ripper and Count Dracula. In the sleeve of these creative «storytellers», there are «horror stories» about how Ilgar Hajiyev further pushes into the opposition. Oh also, every morning he drinks coffee in the morning with Mr. Khodorkovsky (whom, by the way, he has never seen).

All these fantastic stories appeared in the federal press almost every day last week, competing with information about the coronavirus. That’s what type of powerful skating rink a man with a once impeccable reputation and an honest name slid on to. But it is we that can even take an  Attorney General, remember the case of Yuri Skuratov — if necessary — and drag them in the mud.

It is quite amazing that Mr. Hajiyev’s endurance, apparently, gives him the strength to hold on to what he knows — the fact that his business is just. the investigators and prosecutors will finally figure out why Ilgar Hajiyev was in such a difficult life situation that he had to leave Moscow and fly abroad, because serious threats were (and are) coming.

Of course, the owner of the Kievskaya Ploshchad group of companies, God Nisanov, is an authoritative businessman. As this businessman is «respected», in his own opinion, Hajiyev captured his business. The Moscow Post reported about this on a previous investigation of » Investor’s Nightmare of  God Nisanov«.

It also turned out to be an unpleasant role in ruining the business of Hajiyev by Rustem Magdeev, a former adviser, and today a partner of the President of Tatarstan, Rustam Minnikhanov.

«Professor of cash dollars»

There are legends about Rustem Magdeev, who, indeed, is in the close circle of President Minnikhanov. True, with a criminal soul, if you recall the story of the loss of $ 15 million, which allegedly belonged to Rustam Minnikhanov, written in detail by «Version«.

As the newspaper Versiya wrote at the trial, Magdeev called himself «a professor in cash dollars«.

One can only guess in what other areas this very “professor of black cash” is turning. «Professor of cash dollars» Rustem Magdeev

But in the story with the «undressing» of Ilgar Hajiyev, Mr. Magdeev, as it turned out, plays a significant role. To believe this it is enough to just look at the folder with the very interesting documents, which was at the disposal of The Moscow Post. Information that is in this mysterious folder, you will not find on the Internet.

Can Mr. Magdeev have a role with the destruction of Ilgar Hajiyev’s business, and is it about building the Accord. Smart Quarter residential complex in the Odintsovo district of Moscow Region? Today, Mr. Magdeev is ardently advocating that even foundation pits that are ready for the construction of new houses be filled up. Maybe Mr. Magdeev is listening to Mr. Nisanov’s advice? Recall that out of 40 residential buildings, 12 were built. Unfortunately, people still can not get the keys to the apartments. Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov

But! What follows from the documents that fell into the lens of The Moscow Post? On August 15, 2014, Solid Holding Development LLC (Kazan, Tatarstan) and SDI LLC signed a land lease agreement No. 9 / 08-14. The exact address of the site: Odintsovo district, s / o Likinsky, the village of Mitkino. The total area of ​​340,400 square meters. M Further, on July 22, 2015, SDI LLC and Solid Building Development LLC concluded an agreement on participation in shared construction No. DDU / 1a / SBD / 2. Further, on December 7, 2015, the Contract for Assignment of Claims No. 1 to the agreement on participation in shared construction between LLC Solid Building Development and R. Magdeev was concluded.

Thus, the right of the assignor, the initial participant in the shared construction, passed to the assignee, the new participant in the shared construction. Looking ahead, we note that the folder that The Moscow Post had at its disposal turned out to have an interesting letter dated May 16, 2018 stating that the developer was duly notified of the registration of the Assignment Claim Agreement of December 7, 2017, concluded between Solid Building Development LLC and Magdeev Rustem Elbrusovich under the agreement on participation in shared construction No. DDU / 1aSBD / 2 dated July 22, 2015. It seems that the «trap» on Ilgar Hajiyev with his residential quarters in the Odintsovo district was prepared ahead of time?

But what did they promise to build in Accord. Smart-Quarter residential complex? Residential buildings with a total area of ​​149547, 15 square meters. m, area of ​​apartments -104,892.19 square meters. m, a preschool for 145 people with an area of ​​2400 sq. m, then — a school for 560 places, an area of ​​4560 sq. m, fitness center (fitness center) with an outpatient area of ​​1680 sq. m. m with parking for 56 cars / places, further — an administrative complex with a store area of ​​2320 square meters. m with parking for 90 cars / places. Further on the list is a multi-functional shopping complex -7500 sq.m for 1389 cars / places. Famous Metropolitan Developer God Nisanov

All these facilities were supposed to be commissioned in the fourth quarter of 2017. However, they were not commissioned either in 2017 or in 2018.

The year 2019 has come, and Ilgar Hajiyev suddenly ended up in big troubles. Can the “partner” of the President of Tatarstan Rustem Magdeev consciously “drown” businessman Hajiyev, urging him to start an investigation, where millions of equity holders disappeared? And why is the construction not completed?

As millions deduced

Recall that the construction company Ilgar Hajiyev worked at three sites: in addition to Accord. Smart-Quarter residential complex in the Odintsovo district, work went on in VernadSKY residential buildings on Vernadsky Avenue and Pirogovskaya Riviera residential complex in Mytishchi district. And thus, when Hajiyev’s business began to collapse, the interests of interest holders were at risk. This was described in detail by Novaya Gazeta .

Further, from the accounts of companies included in the SDI Group, the withdrawal of developers’ money began under the guise of loan agreements. This is how finished houses look in Odintsovo

On March 28, 2019, from the account of LLC Specialized Developer ComfortInvest, which accumulated the money from the equity holders of the Pirogovskaya Riviera residential complex, they cunningly withdrew 200 million rubles.

With the account of Accord Spetsstroy LLC, which led the construction to Accord. Smart-Quarter residential complex, 90 million rubles that belonged to equity holders were withdrawn! By the way, the director of Accord Spetsstroy LLC Valery Lozhechkin refused to sign payment documents. But the money was gone anyway. And, as Ilgar Hajiyev suggests, this was made possible by forging the signatures of the legitimate director of Accord Spetsstroy LLC.

This is what the victims told reporters. And dig the building pits! So orders Rustem Magdeev

Anastasia, real estate investor in Pirogovskaya Riviera residential complex: “The sad story of the construction of our residential complex began with the corporate sport of shareholders. Since then, construction has been stopped, although there were no problems six months ago. Everything was going according to plan. Now, in ready-made houses, real estate investors can’t take ownership of the apartment. I’ve also heard that the funds that we contributed for our apartments are being withdrawn from the developer’s accounts. I, like the rest of the LCD holders, have not yet applied to law enforcement agencies, nevertheless we hope that on the situation will be resolved safely … «This was reported in «Novaya Gazeta«.

But the situation is only getting worse!

On the hook at the FSB 

But what is astonishing in the business of Mr. Nisanov himself, who can decide when to punish  and when to give mercy? Over the past few years, dollar billionaires, God Nisanov and his partner Zarah Iliev have appeared in several high-profile scandals at once.

In March 2019, raids and searches were conducted to the Sadovod, Food City markets and the Moscow trade and fair complex, which are owned by God Nisanov and Zarakh Iliev. In these operations, which were widely reported by many media outlets, police officers, the FSB and the Russian Guard were involved. Officially, the events were aimed at searching for wanted criminals. Trade and fair complex «Moscow»

But why then did God Nisanov hastily prepare the way for a retreat? And even going to run for the cordon?  «Version» wrote about this in detail.

According to one version, the cause of the raids on the markets and shopping centers of Nisanov and Aliyev could be conflicts between migrants, since in those days 4 participants were immediately taken from the Sadovod shopping center with stab wounds. The special operation took place in the hotel where the sellers live. 20 people were brought to administrative responsibility. Not so fast though, later another version of the searches appeared (after all, FSB officers took part in the operation). They could also look for cryptocurrency farms in the markets, as rumor had it that Sadovod, Food City, and Moskva shopping centers were leaders in offering cash for cryptocurrencies. This was reported by The Moscow Post .

This issue, of course, was dealt with by the FSB, not the police …

It was also known that illegal exchangers flourished in the markets of Nisanov and Iliev, some of which operate under the signs of operating cash desks and banks.

All this happened in March 2019, a few weeks before the seizure of Ilgar Hajiyev’s business. And, apparently, the cunning Mr. Nisanov needed to whitewash and clean his Augean stables as quickly as possible, perhaps because the CASE OF ILGAR HAJIYEV was also invented?

Recall that in the piggy bank of bad deeds, Nisanov and his companion Iliev already have a collapse of one of the towers of the Ukraina hotel during its reconstruction, and a failure in the metro station Evropeisky. Shopping center «Evropeisky», the area of ​​the Kiev station

Recall also that the shopping center «Evropeisky» was built in the water protection zone. The construction of a shopping center in the fall of 2006 was disputed in court. This was done by representatives of the environmental prosecutor’s office. The deputy head of Rosprirodnadzor Oleg Mitvol said that the conclusion of the state environmental review, available to the developers, was received at Rostekhnadzor (Federal Service for Environmental management) after the start of construction. This being done without taking into account the fact that the shopping center is being built on the territory of the water protection zone. In addition, the owners of «Kievskaya Ploshchad” did not have an environmental impact assessment. At the same time, publications appeared in the press that the construction of an underground car park threatens the collapse of the arches of the Kievskaya metro station.

But Nisanov’s office stubbornly refused access to the construction to specialists from Rosprirodnadzor. One day there was even a brawl. The inspection was nevertheless possible to carry out. The fears were confirmed: in the immediate vicinity of the underground structures of the metro station and the underpass, voids were discovered that posed a serious threat to Moscow citizens and guests of the capital.

So it turns out that too many negative cases have accumulated. After searches in the markets and allegations of cryptocurrency trading, it was necessary to quickly “launder” them. To do this, it was necessary to find a “victim” in order to divert attention. And Nisanov found this «sacrifice.»

Today, he continues to denounce the «scammer» Hajiyev.

False criminal cases?

What else is very curious? In addition to a bunch of dubious information in the media, there are constant reports that several criminal cases have been instituted against Ilgar Hajiyev. In particular, as the Versiya newspaper writes in the summer of 2019, the Dorogomilovo OMVD (Western Administrative District of Moscow) allegedly instituted criminal proceedings against Ilgar Hajiyev. And, supposedly put the businessman on the wanted list. In this case, the «Version» refers to a document that prints on its pages .

The Moscow Post journalist asked Mr. Hajiyev whether a criminal case was being brought against him, which is being conducted by the Dorogomilovo police department, And when exactly was he wanted?

Ilgar Hajiyev answered by phone that the Dorogomilovo OMVD had not instituted any criminal cases against him. He says that he generally hears the news about the search for the first time.

The editors of The Moscow Post asked for clarification from the chief of the press service of the Internal Affairs Directorate for CJSC GU MVD in Moscow, Major of the Internal Service, Anna Barysheva. Anna Mikhailovna kept silent for several days, but upon repeated request she contacted herself. She asked The Moscow Post to redirect the editorial request to the head of the Information and Public Relations Department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Moscow, colonel of the internal service Vladimir Vasenin.

Further, there is allegedly another criminal case instituted in December 2019 by the Investigative Department of the Internal Affairs Directorate for ZAO GU MVD in Moscow. This case concerns “apartment fraud Pirogovskaya Riviera”. Construction stopped forever? Or for a while?

Even today they are trying to hang on Hajiyev multimillion-dollar debts of Accord Spetsstroy LLC on salaries, as well as causing damage to suppliers in the amount of 350 million rubles. We wrote about this in a previous investigation of » Tales» for holders of the Year of Nisanov . »

It turns out that God Nisanov built a good trap for his former business partner, and the sheep, as they say, are intact, and the wolves…. are full.

Nisanov found an interesting «job» for Magdeev

Nisanov found an interesting «job» for Magdeev

Nisanov found an interesting «job» for Magdeev

Nisanov found an interesting «job» for Magdeev

Nisanov found an interesting «job» for Magdeev

Nisanov found an interesting «job» for Magdeev

Nisanov found an interesting «job» for Magdeev

Nisanov found an interesting «job» for Magdeev

Nisanov found an interesting «job» for Magdeev

Nisanov found an interesting «job» for Magdeev

Nisanov found an interesting «job» for Magdeev

Nisanov found an interesting «job» for Magdeev

Nisanov found an interesting «job» for Magdeev

Nisanov found an interesting «job» for Magdeev


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